Boxy Tote by Louise Petersen #11


The tool tote is the perfect bag to make for a variety of uses. (Crafts, makeup, sewing, first aid, etc) It has wire in the top so it will open fully and stay that way, for easy access. It can be zippered up for storage and travel. The many pockets and pouches in this bag, both inside and out, keep it well organized. There is truly a place or spot for everything. You can even subdivide pockets for your own specific uses. The whole tote is quilted before construction. This helps the durability and longevity of the tote. It will look like new a lot longer, an extra bonus! It is made from three coordinating or contrasting fabrics. Note: The designer does not recommend you use stripes.

Techniques you will learn and implement are: quilting, putting in a zipper, pockets with lining, topstitching, edge stitching, bag construction tips & tricks.

Seats Left

Skill Level: All Skill Levels
Class Time: 8:30AM - 11:30AM & 2:00PM - 5:00PM
Class Cost: $36.00
Pattern Fee: $21.99 may be purchased at Dave's Bernina (or paid to instructor)
Kit Fee: N/A
Size: 10

For Questions about this class, please contact the instructor: Louise Petersen, 435-619-1530,

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Fabric Requirements:

Note: Designer advises against stripes.

Fabric A - 1/2 yard - Outer end pockets, handle, & outer bag front & back.

Fabric B - 1 yard - Outer bag ends, inner bag ends, outer bag front & back pockets, inner bag front & back.

Fabric C - 3/4 yard - Inner end pockets, inner front & back pockets, outer bag end pocket linings, outer bag front & back pocket linings.

Cutting Instructions:

Homework: Tag and Pre-quilt fabric pieces as desired. Pattern specifies minimum quilting requirements. Some parts are covered by pockets, so not necessary to be totally quilted. Having these steps done will allow you to finish the tote in class. This tote reminds me of an old time Doctor's Bag. So fun to make and fill up. You will just love this versatile bag. It even fits in a suitcase. Just think of the many possibilities! See you in class.

Supplies Needed:

All supplies available at Dave's Bernina excluding zipper.

Walking foot or dual feed feet are helpful, but not mandatory
1/4" foot & regular ZigZag foot
Zipper foot
Edge stitching foot
Matching thread colors for top stitching and seams
Contrasting colors - if you want top stitching to stand out
Template plastic, 15" x 4 feet, for bottom of bag
Travel iron and pad

Basic Sewing Kit (click here)

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