Honey Bee Pincushion by Stephanie Chini #2


The Honey Bee Pincushion and Needle Keeper—a match made for sewers. Hand stitch this adorable Honey Bee Needle Keeper and stop losing those needles! Its sidekick, the Honey Bee Pincushion, stands 5” tall and has four layers of beautiful gold and brown wools to hold all those pins. Keep this pair for yourself or give to someone special as a gift. We will concentrate on making the Needle Keeper first, and as time allows, we will work on the pin cushion. I will, however, demonstrate all stages on how to put the pin cushion together. Learn a couple of basic embroidery stitches to embellish both projects.

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Skill Level: All Skill Levels
Class Time: 8:30AM - 11:30AM
Class Cost: $18.00
Pattern Fee: $8 but it is included in the kit if you buy the kit (paid to instructor)
Kit Fee: $18.00 (paid to instructor)
Size: Pincushion is 5” tall (larger of the two pictured), Needle keeper is 4.5” x 8” opened.

For Questions about this class, please contact the instructor: Stephanie Chini, 801-682-5612, Stephanie_chini@hotmail.com

Fabric Requirements:

A kit is not required for this class, but it has all the materials to finish both the Pin Cushion and the Needle Keeper. The kit also includes the pattern, snap, button, bead, and stuffing that are used in these projects.
If not purchasing the kit here are the materials required:
Pin Cushion:
Four gold/browns: Top 3” x 6”; second 4” x 8”; third 5” x 10”; bottom 6” x 12” ; heavy black thread for embroidery and securing; one medium button for bottom, one larger bead for top, stuffing.

Needle Keeper: 4 ½” x 8 “ background and plaid wool; 3” x 4” wool color your choice; four golds/browns for beehive 1” x 3”; 2” x 2”--black; 1” x 2”--blue; 1” x 1”- white and green; snap, heavy thread for edging

Supplies Needed:

Embroidery needle, appliqué pins are suggested, but regular pins are okay, threads to match project, double sided fusible such as Soft Fuse is optional to those students who wish to use it for securing their pieces before stitching into place. I will have small quantities of freezer paper and double sided fusing for students to try them out.
Heavier thread will be needed for some of the embroidery, but two pieces of floss work okay for this as well.
Bring an Iron and table side ironing board if you have it.
A sewing machine is not necessary, but would be easier to sew the pincushion circles together, but hand stitching can be used — just will take longer.
Basic Sewing Kit (click here)

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