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GAME - Left Right Center

  • February 03, 2023
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Heritage Festival Hall
  • 23


Friday Evening GAME

Skill Level: Beginner

Class Cost: $5

You will need to bring 3 Fat Quarters per game/round.

How to Play the LCR Dice Game

All players sit in a circular formation. The middle of the circle is the center “pot” where Fat Quarters will be placed during the game.

Before the game begins, each player starts with 3 Fat Quarters.

The starting player takes their turn, then players will continue taking turns in clockwise order until the game ends.

On your turn, roll the dice. How many dice you roll depends on how many Fat Quarters you have.

If you have 3 or more Fat Quarters, roll all 3 dice.

If you have 2 Fat Quarters, roll 2 dice.

If you have 1 Fat Quarters, roll 1 die.

If you have no Fat Quarters, don’t roll any dice.

After the dice are rolled, you must take actions based on what is showing on the dice.

  • if you roll an L you must give one of your Fat Quarters to the player on your left.
  • If you roll a C you must put one of your Fat Quarters in the pot in the center.
  • If you roll a R you must give one of your Fat Quarters to the player on your right.
  • If you roll a dot nothing happens.

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