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What we’re all about…

Cedar Chest Quilters’ Guild is a state-authorized nonprofit organization. In order to maintain this status, we are obligated to participate in charitable activities, which benefit the local citizenry, tax-deductible organizations that are involved in disease research, and organizations that give aid to both children and adults in stressful situations. Since we are a quilting group, we make and give small quilts to the police and fire departments to give to children who are in need of comfort. We also donate quilts and other items to the hospital for newborns from financially disadvantaged families. Cancer patients and children in group homes are included in our humanitarian contributions. Monetary gifts are given to worthy charitable organizations when we are financially able to do so. While it is not mandatory that Guild members participate in our humanitarian activities, joining in on these endeavors is greatly appreciated.

The Friendship Circle chairperson contacts new members to ascertain interest and availability to participate in a small group. New groups are formed with four or more people. These groups usually meet once a month in individual members' homes, and the Friendship Circle chairperson will suggest various methods of structure to the group. Joining a group is a matter of individual choice; however, it is an excellent way to become better acquainted with other Guild members.

Cedar Chest Quilters’ Guild is not only a group interested in the art of quilting, its members become friends who care about each other as individuals. Happiness and sorrow are a part of every life, and friends help each other to rejoice or lend comfort. The Guild encourages members to notify the Sunshine and Shadows chairperson if they know of any event in another member’s life that would be helped or brightened by having their Guild friends be aware of it, e.g..; birth of a grandchild, marriage of a son or daughter, a death in the family, or an illness or accident, etc.

About_POTLUCK LUNCHEONS (Temporarily Cancelled) 
Each month’s General meeting is followed with a potluck luncheon. All members are expected to contribute to these meals. Since not all members are in a position to contribute home-cooked dishes, purchased food is certainly acceptable. With the Guild’s current membership count, bringing a dish two or three times a year should fulfill a member’s obligation.

A Neat Story About Our Quilts and Our Website

Francine Lyndaker, one of the Guild members, got a call from a lady named Karen. She lives in Morgan and Cares for a 44 year old downs syndrome lady who also has osteoporosis, I’ll call her Anne. Karen was away when Anne was taken to the hospital. She was in a vegetative state and not expected to recover. The doctors had called Karen about taking Anne off life support, but Karen couldn’t do it. They started planning her funeral. While Karen was in talking to Anne and there was some response, someone came into the room with a quilt. The quilt had some red and other bright colors, also some cherries on it. Well Anne started to point to the quilt and pick at the cherries. Karen went home for the evening. The next morning the hospital called to tell her she needed to get to the hospital right away. Anne had walked up and down the hall twice. Karen says she doesn’t know why Anne came back, it may have been a medication, but she knows it was a miracle, and that the quilt was a part of it. Anne is home now and she drags that quilt with her where ever she goes, like a little kid. The quilt has a tag with Cedar Chest Quilters’ Guild on it. Karen wanted to thank the ladies of the Guild for making the quilt and share her story. She was so grateful. She went on-line to search for the guild and found our website, which coincidentally, had just been published to the web for the first time a few days prior.

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Cedar Chest Quilters' Guild is a non-profit organization. Cedar City, Utah 84720

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