Casserole by Margaret Miller #25

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The description for Casserole is incorrect.  Should say:   A variety of nine color families produce these over-sized blocks in a quilt that measures 86” x 86”.  Smaller version measures 58” x 58” and features 4 color ways.  We will make one 26.5” x 26.5” block in class.  Neutral background recommended.  Each block uses 5 colorful fabrics and black print and white or grey print and white are used for accent crosses.  Details, yes!  Result: A Wow Quilt!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, class is limited to 14 seats, no exceptions.



Skill Level: Beginner
Class Time: 8:30am - 11:30am and 12:30PM  - 3:30PM
Class Cost: $40.00
Pattern Fee: $17.98 (paid to instructor) Casserole EH 052
Size: 58"x 58" (2x2 blocks), 86"x 86" (3x3 blocks), each block is 26"x 26"

For Questions about this class, please contact the instructor: Margaret Miller, 435-668-3525,




Fabric Requirements:

Fat Eighths or Pairs of Layer Cake cuts for Flowers and the contrasting centers and corners.  The pattern has excellent color guide for selecting colors and pattern can be ordered and received when teacher sends first notice.
Recommend a Folded Corner Cutter ruler also.
Basic Sewing Kit (click here)

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