The 15th Annual Retreat has been POSTPONED until

February 16 – 19, 2022! (see below)

December 15, 2020

Dear Quilter,

It is out of much caution that the Cedar Chest Quilters Guild has decided to postpone the retreat scheduled for February 2021 until February 16-19, 2022. As much as we all look forward to hosting you and renewing and making new friendships, the potential for someone to contract COVID-19 as we gather is high. We also have no idea if the restrictions will tighten, meaning we would have to further restrict classes and activities, something that is too difficult to do at the last minute and is financially not feasible.

We have contacted the teachers and they are agreeing to just move their classes over into 2022. This presents two options to you.

  1. You may just leave the registration/classes in place as it currently stands


  1. You may ask that we refund your full registration and class fees. Then you will register when the 2022 registration opens in September 2021.

Our sincere hope is that the retreat in 2022 will be able to have our typical enrollment and activities without restrictions. Only time will tell if that will be the case and we will be watching the situation all summer.

Please know this was not a quick decision and we truly appreciate the support you have shown us by registering. Please email the guild and tell us if you want a refund or if you would like to just roll your registration over to 2022. Refunds will be issued to your original method of payment.


Cedar Chest Quilters’ Guild

COVID-19: Compliance with the State Guidelines for the current threat/risk level at the time of the retreat will be required for all participants.  If the guild determines the need to cancel the retreat, Class Fees and Registration Fees will be refunded. Currently we are restricted to 200 students.  If this restriction changes the site will be updated.